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May 2022 CNHA Newsletter

  • Cisco Mammal Quarry
  • MIC Lecture Series
  • BLM Artist in Residence Program
  • Electronic Payment Kiosk at Horsethief Campground
  • Pack Creek Fire Restoration Work Day

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April 2022 CNHA Newsletter

  • Timed Entry ticket required at Arches National Park
  • Round-Up Project: Mineral Bottom vault toilets
  • Moab Information Center Lecture Series
  • Manti-La Sal History
  • Recreating on Cedar Mesa and Bears Ears
  • Volunteers Assist the BLM Moab Field Office

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March 2022 CNHA Newsletter

  • 2022 Community Artist in the Park
  • Raptors in the Indian Creek special recreation management area
  • BLM offering reward for information on Big Bend Boulders suspected vandalism
  • Winter recreation in the La Sal Mountains

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February 2022 CNHA Newsletter

  • Discovery Pool Projects Approved for 2022
  • Arches uses Alsco donation for new exhibits

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January 2022 CNHA Newsletter

  • National Park Service to pilot timed-entry reservation system at Arches National Park in 2022
  • CNHA Funds Seeding Project in the Manti-La Sal
  • A Look Back on 2021
  • Bats in Uranium Mines

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November 2021 CNHA Newsletter

  • Fee changes for Fiery Furnace, backcountry, and river permits at Arches and Canyonlands
  • Holiday tree permits available from the BLM
  • The Manti-La Sal National Forest is seeking applicants for its Secure Rural Schools Resource Advisory Committee (RAC)
  • An Ice Age Remnant in Canyon Country

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October 2021 CNHA Newsletter

  • Responsible Nighttime Visitation interview with Karen Garthwait
  • CNHA Celebrates Public Lands Day
  • BLM National Public Lands Day volunteer event
  • Christmas Tree permit information
  • MIC Lecture Series featuring Julia Buckwalter, Artist in the Parks
  • Applications are being accepted for Community Artist in the Parks

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September 2021 CNHA Newsletter

  • Virtual meeting about Arches congestion
  • Mill Creek Canyon petroglyph vandalism
  • Hunter Canyon Campground closed
  • Geyser Pass Improvements Project
  • MIC Lecture Series
  • Community Artist in the Park applications now accepted

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August 2021 CNHA Newsletter

  • Discovery Pool Funds study in the La Sal Mountains
  • Update on Hovenweep National Monument
  • August Schedule for Community Artist
  • Seasonal Positions Open

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July 2021 CNHA Newsletter

  • Pack Creek Fire erupts Close to Moab.
  • Fuel treatment ease fire behavior in Pack Creek.
  • Volunteer Service Saturday information.
  • Stage 2 fire restrictions in place.

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Moab Information Center 2022 Lecture Series

Join us Thursdays at 5pm at the Moab Information Center for our lecture series. 

May 26 | “Public Lands: Where, Why, and How?” by Walt Dabney

Join former National Park ranger and superintendent and Texas State Parks director Walt Dabney to answer these questions: Where did our public lands come from? Why do the western states have lots and other states have none? How were states formed? What does the Constitution say about these lands? What was the effect of the Homestead Act and the Railroad Act? How were National Parks and Forests established? Why are these lands held “in common”, so important to us today? These and other questions, along with past and current issues, are addressed in this hour-long presentation. Questions and discussion time to follow. 

June 2 | “Tiny Fossils and the Big Picture: Mammals from the Age of Dinosaurs” by Brian Davis

Every kid knows that dinosaurs were the biggest, fiercest, and most inspiring creatures to ever have walked the earth, but they are only part of the story. The ancient world was a diverse and vibrant place, and dinosaurs lived alongside a cast that included the earliest mammals. Come and learn what our ancestors were like and what their tiny fossils reveal about their lives. While most survived by scurrying between the feet of dinosaurs, others swam, glided, and even had dinosaurs for lunch!

June 16 | “Founding Fathers: The Creation of Canyonlands National Park” by Robert Anderson 

The vision of Charlie Steen, Bates Wilson, and Stewart Udall paved the way for the creation of Canyonlands National Park. Charlie Steen represents the Atomic Energy Commission, which provided access to the White Rim Sandstone via the White Rim Road. Bates Wilson represents the vision of having a National Park to protect the confluence. Wilson wanted to protect a million acres of wild canyon country and generate a sustainable economy via tourism. Stewart Udall provided the political support needed to push the idea of a National Park through congress. Join Park Ranger Robert Anderson as he discusses each of these men and their vision for Canyonlands National Park.

June 23 | “Ecological Interactions between Mountain Goats and American Pikas” by Mallory Sandoval Lambert 

Mountain goats (Oreamnos americanus) and American pikas (Ochotona princeps) are naturally co-occurring across most of their overlapping distributions in western N. America. The southern limit of the natural range of mountain goats is in Idaho, whereas American pikas occur naturally as far south as New Mexico. However, the mountain goat range has been extended southwards with the establishment of translocated subpopulations in Utah and Colorado. These mountain goats now share habitat with pikas, providing an opportunity to study potential ecological interactions between these two alpine specialists near the southern limits of their current ranges. Join Mallory Sandoval Lambert as she talks about how her research is exploring this previously unstudied system through field-based experimentation, with a focus on the La Sal Mountains in southern Utah.

August 11 | “Soundscapes: How Noise Pollution Influences Wildlife Patterns and Visitor Experience within Canyonlands National Park” by Robert Anderson 

Beep beep beep! Tweet tweet! Sounds are all around us and play an important role in our experience within the landscape. The National Park Service is beginning to understand the relationship between sound and the inherent resources within the park. By preserving the natural sound, we can all enjoy our national wonders a little more. 

September 1 | “Common Southwest Native Plants” by Jennifer M. Bousselot

Native plants are often overlooked as viable options that can provide many benefits to pollinators and people alike. Discover the basics of native plant gardening – selection, care, and cultural requirements. Join Jennifer Bousselot, Assistant Professor in the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Colorado State University and co-author of the Colorado Native Plant Society published 3rd edition of Common Southwestern Native Plants, as she discusses this important topic.


Artist in the Parks: Sam Metzner

See Sam out and about in the national parks. Learn more about the Community Artist in the Parks program here. 

Canyonlands National Park – Needles District

Location to be determined. On the day of the event, look for a sign with details.

Saturday, May 14 11:00am -3:00pm
Sunday, May 15 11:00am-3:00pm

Arches National Park

Windows Area

Tuesday, May 17 12:00pm-4:00pm
Wednesday, May 18 12:00pm-4:00pm

Hovenweep National Monument

Location to be determined. Check the visitor center for details.

Saturday, May 28 11:00am-3:00pm
Sunday, May 29 11:00am-3:00pm