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Horseshoe Canyon

Canyonlands National Park

Spectacular Rock Art

Horseshoe Canyon was added to Canyonlands National Park in 1971 to preserve one of the finest ancient rock art sites in North America – the Great Gallery. This stunning Barrier Canyon style pictograph panel has magnificent life-size painted figures, many decorated with intricate designs.

Plan Your Visit

Accessing the Horseshoe Canyon rock art site includes a 30-mile (48 km) drive in on a graded unpaved road, and a 7-mile (11.2 km) round trip hike, but it is well worth the effort.

Because this a remote area, make sure to take all the water you will need, some snacks, and extra clothes in case of unexpected weather.

Spring and Fall are the best seasons to visit, when temperatures are more moderate.


Most visitors access Horseshoe Canyon from UT Highway 24.

From I-70 West of Green River, UT, take the UT Highway 24 exit. Drive south on Utah Highway 24 for about 24 miles (38.6 km) until you see the sign and turn off for Goblin Valley on your right (west). Continue 3 more miles to a signed turn on the left (east) onto the unpaved road. Follow signs to the trailhead. Driving time is roughly 2.5 hours from Moab or 1.5 hours from Green River, UT.

The road is usually drivable by two-wheel-drive vehicles, but precipitation or shifting sand may make 4-wheel drive necessary. Check the road conditions page, or call ahead: (435) 259-2652, from 8 am to 4:30 pm Mountain Time (Please do not call this number between 5 pm and 8 am except for Maze-area emergencies).

Park Map

The official park map shows all the roads and trails in Canyonlands National Park. You will receive a copy when entering the park (if the fee booth or visitor center is open). The map can also be downloaded from, or you can purchase a copy of the park brochure that includes the map at the Island in the Sky Visitor Center, the Moab Information Center, or from CNHA’s web store.

Things to Know

  • Do not rely on a GPS unit to guide you to Horseshoe Canyon. Use a map instead.
  • Pets are prohibited on the trail or below the rim of Horseshoe Canyon.
  • Please do not touch the rock art. Leave artifacts where you find them.

Things to Do


Four Wheel Drive Roads




Rock Art


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