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Product Submission Process

Retail Product Submission Guidelines

With eighteen sales outlets located in some of the most popular national parks in southeastern Utah, CNHA receives numerous unsolicited product submissions, requests for product guidelines, and inquiries about a product’s approval status. This page outlines the process and guidelines for submitting your product.

Retail Product Requirements

If you would like to become a CNHA vendor, your first step is to understand what we are looking for. We receive hundreds of books, interpretive materials, and general merchandise for review every year, and many are rejected immediately because they do not meet our basic requirements. It will save us all time if you only submit products meeting the following criteria:

  • The book or item must be related to the parks and areas served by CNHA, the national parks, BLM, and USFS public lands located in southeastern Utah, the Four Corners, and the Colorado Plateau.
  • No profanity. No nudity.
  • Sensitive areas must be respected. We will not accept materials that in any way compromise the region’s fragile natural environment and cultural artifacts. For example, photographs, text, maps, or GPS coordinates revealing the locations of Ancestral Puebloan ruins, Ancestral dwellings, petroglyphs, or pictographs.
  • The product may not promote behavior unauthorized on public lands.
  • The item must fall within CNHA’s scope of sales.
  • Items must contain some interpretive information about the area.
  • The product must be of interest to visitors.
  • The product or book must be well-made and of high quality.

In general, we strive to offer the visiting public high-quality educational, interpretive, and reference materials about the region. The best approach is to look at the products we already carry on our website store.

Submitting Your Product

Please send a sample of your product for review to:

CNHA Product Review
3015 S. Hwy 191
Moab, UT 84532

The item will not be returned.

Product Review and Selection

You will be notified if your product successfully passes the review process and is selected as a sales item.